Former Group Members

Former Ph.D. candidates:

  1. Joeri Frederik (2017-2021) 
    Thesis: Pitch control for wind turbine load mitigation and enhanced wake mixing
  2. Bart Doekemeijer (2016-2020) 
    Thesis: Closing the loop in model-based wind farm control
  3. Sebastiaan Mulder (2016-2020) 
    Thesis: Wind turbine control: Advances for load mitigations and hydraulic drivetrains
  4. Sjoerd Boersma (2015-2019)  
    Thesis: Towards closed-loop dynamical wind farm control: model development and control applications
  5. Yasin Gunes (2014-2018) 
    Thesis: A tensor approach to linear parameter varying system identification
  6. Hildo Bijl (2014-2018) 
    Thesis: LQG and Gaussian process techniques: For fixed-structure wind turbine control
  7. Antonio Jarquin Laguna (2013-2017) 
    Thesis: Centralized electricity generation in offshore wind farms using hydraulic networks
  8. Sachin Navalkar (2012-2016) 
    Thesis: Iterative data-driven load control for flexible wind turbine rotors
  9. Edwin van Solingen (2011-2015) 
    Thesis: Control design for two-bladed wind turbines
  10. Yue Qui (2011-2015) 
    Thesis: Preconditioning Optimal Flow Control Problems Using Multilevel Sequentially Semiseparable Matrix Computations
  11. Patricio Torres (2010-2014) 
    Thesis: Linear State-Space Identification of Interconnected Systems: A structured approach
  12. Pieter Gebraad (2010-2014) 
    Thesis: Data-driven wind plant control
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  13. Gijs van der Veen (2009-2013) 
    Thesis: Identification of wind energy systems
  14. Ivo Houtzager (2007-2011) 
    Thesis: Towards Data-Driven Control for Modern Wind Turbines

Former PostDocs:

  1. Yichao Liu  (2018-2021)
  2. Vinit Dighe (2021)
  3. Joeri Frederik (2021)
  4. Bart Doekemeijer (2020)
  5. Edwin van Solingen (2015)