Our team

Riccardo Ferrari

Assistant Professor – Fault detection xxx

Riccardo is working on …. Moreover he is active in the field of automotive. For more details see his website

Sebastiaan Mulders

PhD – Wind turbine control

Sebastiaan is working on the development of control algorithms for wind turbine fatigue load reductions, and power maximization. Active research topics and directions are individual pitch control (IPC), tower resonance frequency skipping, model predictive control (MPC), and the development of control oriented (educational) wind turbine software.

Bart Doekemeijer

PhD – Wind farm control

Bart has a background in Aerospace and Control Engineering. His current focus is on wind farm control, pursuing the improvement of the energy that is produced from wind farms using a technique called wake steering. Active research topics include surrogate wind farm modeling, real-time wind flow estimation, real-time model adaptation and robust optimization.

Joeri Frederik

PhD – Dynamic induction control of wind farms

After finishing his Master in Systems & Control at Delft University of Technology, Joeri started his PhD research in Jan-Willems group in 2017. His main focus is currently on Dynamic Induction Control (DIC) of wind farms, with side projects including Individual Pitch Control (IPC) and Subspace Predictive Repetitive Control (SPRC).

Daan van der Hoek

PhD – Wind farm control and experimental validation

Daan is working on the development of wind farm control algorithms, focusing primarily on combining data-driven and model-based control methods for robust performance. Ultimately, the goal is to validate these control algorithms through wind tunnel experiments.

Unai Gutierrez Santiago

PhD – Dynamic modelling of gearboxes

Unai is developing data-driven dynamic models of wind turbine gearboxes. The main objectives are to improve the condition monitoring of gearbox components and to increase the performance and lifetime of the gearbox.  His professional career has been primarily related to the testing and validation of wind turbine gearboxes at Siemens Gamesa where he has worked for more than 13 years.

Yichao Liu

Postdoc – Fault-tolerant wind turbine control

With much experience with research on the Dynamic Analysis and Structural Optimization of the Floating Offshore Wind Turbine, Yichao currently takes an interest in the Fault Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control of the offshore wind turbine, and hence to develop a competitive solution to economically harvest offshore wind.

Livia Brandetti

PhD – Digital Twin of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Livia has a background in Sustainable Energy Engineering, with a particular focus on Wind Energy. During her PhD research, a digital twin for a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) will be developed. The main outcome is the resolution of actual operation states and performance of the VAWT by adding real-time data and sensors inputs.

Atindriyo Kusumo Pamososuryo

PhD – Model Predictive Control for Wind Turbine

With a background in Systems and Control and former research experience in Individual Pitch Control (IPC), Atindriyo is planned to work in the research of Model Predictive Control (MPC) for wind turbines. He will start his PhD research in January 1st, 2020.

Maarten van den Broek

PhD – Wind-farm control

Maarten has a background in Aerospace and Biomechanical Engineering, with experience in dynamical modelling and control applications. He is working on dynamical wind-farm modelling for development of closed-loop wind-farm control.

Claudia Muscari

PhD – Wind-farm control

Claudia has a background in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. She started a joint PhD between TU Delft and Politecnico di Milano in November 2019. Right now she is focusing on the development of numerical methods reliably modeling wind turbines wakes dynamics as a tool for optimized solutions for wind farm control. 

Zhixin Feng

PhD – Fault Tolerant Wind Turbine Control

Zhixin has a background in Aeronautics Engineering and System Engineering. She is working on developing fault tolerant control for offshore wind turbines.

Jean Gonzalez Silva

PhD – Fault Tolerant Control of Offshore Wind Farms

Jean has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic Systems. He is working on the development of fault tolerant control for offshore wind farms.